Autumn is a blowin, in !

The wild, windy, wet weather has arrived at last as Autumn blows its way in scattering everything in its wake.  So it is time to pack up the outside workshop in the garden and move indoors.

I have discovered the joys of sketching and drawing digitally.
It has taken a long time for technology to be able to reproduce the dexterity of the hand drawn but I would say it does a great job now with the tablet pens and software.  You hear music all the time produced digitally so it is logical that art should follow.

The skill and time required is just as long and difficult as using traditional methods, just different.

Engraving Days

Whilst the weather is so hot and I wilt so much it I have developed a low key less intensive form of creativity.  As a volunteer at Ness Botanic Gardens I am fortunate to be able to collect all sorts of organic material, some less useful than originally imagined but the collecting is still an important part of the creative process.

Over the years I have engraved reclaimed slate as larger pieces of garden art, but the wrists are giving up to arthritis now so my ambitions have been curtailed somewhat.  I can however do smaller more manageable pieces as and when the muse takes me and this has be en an excellent therapuetic activity when all else fails.

The most important thing is not to stop creating even when conditions change it is an opportunity to grow in a different direction.

Field Trip

In June this year I spent a great day with printmaker Stef Mitchell on a one to one workshop at her studio in Staithes,  Yorkshire.  It was a six hour trip by various trains to get to Whitby were we stayed and then a half hour bus ride to Staithes.  The east coast of Yorkshire seems shut a lot of the time, which is a shame as they have a lot to offer, but access is obviously a problem.

It was an appalling wet day when I went and  Stef  had to ply me with coffee and a hot fire to dry out, but although I spent the day very soggy in wet socks the course  was well worth all the effort.

The course was all based on printing with natural materials collected locally.  We initially printed in the studio and when it stopped raining we could print outdoors. 

Here  are some examples of what I was able to achieve on the day.

But we did find somewhere nice to go off the tourist routes...Sandsend... which has the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

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