Last Sunday I went to an excellent workshop in Cyanotype Printmaking run by welsh artist Sian Hughes at the Bluecoat Design Gallery.  This is a very old photographic process that is becoming more popular with artists and printmakers.

All summer I was collecting wildflower material especially for this day and although none of us had tried this technique before some very interesting images were produced.
An eclectic mix of artists, printmakers, photographers and textile artists all managed to manipulate the process to their own specific interest.

Sian took all the preparation work upon herself by coating the paper with the  light sensitive emulsion  and calculating exposure time before the workshop.

Using 3 dimensional objects it was necessary to vacuum press the items to the sensitized paper.
But experimenting with pre-scanned and printed transparencies would make that easier.

We all went home with a wonderful collection of prints thanks to the hard work of Sian.

Sian Hughes Print

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