Time to up the game

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After a short recess devoting much time and effort to creating my website it is good to get back to talking about making. This time of year is usually a combination of reflection, inspiration and experimentation, AND finish off long standing projects and clear the decks for new pressing ideas.


There has been a rush of activity over the quiet days of Christmas were old projects that have been pending for weeks like above have been completed and new ideas have been explored.

 My way of working is to conceive the finished polished project first and work backwards.  often or not drastic changes may take place and the result may be different, but the method is always the same.  The drawback to this way of working is that the end product may be a disappointment as the original idea is not realised.  BUT......there is always the opportunity for it to turn out better.  So perfect planning does allow for spontaneity.

Half an hour after these photos were taken a thick freezing fog rolled in which took the edge off a lovely day.

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