Real shades of grey

After having a rather a worrying Christmas with my health, one operation and many vitamins later I am back on track at last.  What was a not so wonderful time in the the end turned out to be a great blessing and answer to prayer.  Such events usually give us time to reflect on life and our place in it.  In consequence  I hope this year will be much more proactive and productive probably all in the same direction but much more focused.

 As a result of spending considerable time gazing out of the window at dreary January skies an idea  came to me to try and make what is a tough month for more interesting and inspiring. (The thought being if I can achieve that,  it can only get easier). So I have started a study of seasonal grey content of the clouds.  Between January and February there is quite a discernable difference.

I shall enjoy developing this exploration over the coming months.