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Joy is unbound having bright, cheerful and hopeful skies. There are still many grey days but nowhere nearly as leaden to the spirit, as they contain promise of better things. Blue sky also makes it so much more interesting in photography.

Another shade of grey below is for March.....even this is more uplifting.

After a very slow start for the artistic year I am bursting with so many new proposed projects that I do not know where to start. So rather than miss out on any I shall nibble at the edges of them all......this at least keeps all the fires going for when the lull comes which it always does.

This  Christmas ( I am a slow absober of non-fiction, savouring the experience ) I obtained a book by Jane Smith, Wild Islands : a year in the life of the Hebrides, about sketching and painting wildlife on the islands. The author once a BBC wildlife camera women is now a practising artist.  I recommend this type of reading over the winter period as a very effective mood lifter and source of inspiration for the coming year.

This winter I tried a new technique inspired by the work of Yorkshire artist Ian Mitchell.  This is intended initially as a birthday card for a close  friend.
Point of Aire from Wirral

My new project for this year is examing my favourite subject trees and woodlands in closer detail, inparticular tree rings.

Accidentially I came across the american artist Bryan Nash Gill online, who printed by hand striking  images of tree rings.  The variety of detailed imagery and information about the life of the different tree species is for me mind blowing. Researching further there are no UK sites following in his footsteps.

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