Tree Rings and Song Books

I hate reflecting on the past year so I will not do it.  Onwards and upwards for next new year resolutions to be disappointed over,  just new projects or development of current ones to focus on.

The tree ring project has taken much much longer to work on than expected.....ambitious thoughts do not include realistic time scales. Partly frustrating but usually inspirational, productive and successful in the long term.

It has taken twelve months to prepare the project for action.  The selection of suitable wood and its preparation took a long time.  Some woods sand down well whilst do not burn up  and vice versa.  Some wood is substantially harder to work with and can take weeks to prepare by hand. Chain saws and industrial sanders are not really part of my ethos of creating with nature.

I did manage to produce a new Bird Song Folding Book to add to the collection listed on my website.  (please see side bar link)  Going through the collection of  bird song recordings is a wonderful thing to do in the winter and has  turned up a very nice set of tracks to work on over the next few months.

audio track is available from Soundcloud

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